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High quality stoves supplied and installed in Yorkshire and surrounding areas

Calcaria Stoves are specialists in high quality wood burning  and multi fuel stoves. Our shop in Tadcaster serves customers across Leeds, Wetherby, Harrogate and York  with eco-friendly and economical stoves that also offer real aesthetic appeal for your home. We also stock accessories and can arrange for professional installation, so call us on 01937 918182.

About us

We supply and install wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, fireplaces, fireguards and we also supply companion sets and a whole range of other accessories, all made by highly-regarded and recognised British and Scandinavian brands. All conform to HETAS regulations and can be delivered free of charge. We also offer a range of options for customers to buy on finance. We even offer free home surveys! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
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One of our wood burning stoves in Yorkshire


We stock everything you could need for your stove or fireplace, and handpick our products for their quality and performance. We carry stoves and accessories from recognised and trusted brands such as Dimplex, Firebelly Stoves, Newman Fireplaces, Cast Tec, Burley, Henley Stoves and OER. If you are looking for a specific product or accessory, call us and we will be happy to help.


Which brands of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves do you sell?
We are the area’s main dealer for Clock Woodburners, Contura, Chilli Penguin, Burley, Woodwarm, Arada, Broseley, Ecosy, Avalon, Hunter, Dimplex and much much more! We have carefully selected our portfolio, from top of the range stove brands to ensure that we have options to suit every taste, budget and property. If you have seen a different make of stove elsewhere, which is not in our range, it is highly likely that we have an equivalent or an alternative product – please ask!
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Do you install wood burning & multifuel stoves?
Any installation of a solid fuel appliance and/or flue system must be fitted by a HETAS-registered installer. We employ our own HETAS-registered fitters, which exempts the homeowner from having to notify Building Control of the installation.
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What is the difference between a wood burning and a multi-fuel appliance?
Wood burning appliances usually have a flat bed on which to build the fire. This is because wood burns best on a bed of its own ash, with air for combustion coming from above. A multifuel model gives you the option of burning smokeless coals too. They have a raised grate, as smokeless coal requires combustion air from underneath the fire, and an ashpan to collect the cinders.
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How efficient are stoves?
Modern wood burning or multi-fuel stoves are up to 89% efficient. This is because the combustion takes place in a sealed chamber behind glass, with the air feeding the fire easily controllable through inlets in the door of the stove. In contrast, traditional open fires are only around 27% efficient at best – meaning the vast majority of heat generated disappears up the chimney!
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Why should I consider having a stove?
Stoves are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They offer a highly efficient form of secondary heating, completely independent of gas or electricity supplies. This is particularly attractive to many homeowners in times of fluctuating energy prices. Additionally, a real fire offers a genuine aesthetic appeal and ambience, and can add value onto a property.
Burning wood is a carbon-neutral activity. In addition, multi-fuel appliances, burning a mixture of wood and smokeless coals, produce less carbon dioxide emissions than electric or gas appliances.
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Can I burn wood in a multi-fuel stove?
Yes, it is fine to also burn logs in a multi-fuel appliance, but be aware that the presence of a grate and ashpan often reduces the firebox area, meaning less room for your logs. If you are sure that you will only ever burn logs, it is best to go for a dedicated wood burning appliance. Some appliances can be converted to multi-fuel in the future should your circumstances change.
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